So today my coach asked me ”today I want you to do 4*50m with 2,5 minutes rest. And your target time should be something like 30,0”. We where swimming short course and from push not from start. ”It’s not supposed to be maximum speed but nice, relaxed, controlled speed for a second 50.”  My times today where (29,7) (30,4) (30,2) (29,2). Last one he told me to challenge the speed a little bit more.           The number of strokes where   (6, 8) (5, 5)  (5, 6) (6, 6).

I would say one of the most important tools in my practice is the speed feeling. Dirk told me to do 30 not faster and not slower. If I calculate the average of these times it would be 29,875 to be exact. And because we now I’m confident and able recognise my swimming speed we are allowed to play with the number of strokes or in more direct words stroke length and stroke efficiency. The reason why we want to work with this is because we know that one different speeds and in different frequency, endurance and speed differs. For example when I swim the 50m breaststroke full speed of course I wouldn’t make a good 100m with the same speed first 50 because too much aerobic capacity is used.  But in the other hand if I have to low frequency then I’m using too much muscle power to be explosive enough the second 50. And this is the true target with today’s session is finding out what is too low frequency and what frequency I need for a good, easy, nice, fast swimming.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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