The comeback started in late July of 2014. When I was allowed to start training again I’d lost about 8kg of muscles and gained 5kg of fat which made me very weak. But because we where in early august I and made former coach Jörgen had to make a decision.

Option 1 where to swim World championships in Qatar, Doha. In order too have chance to swim fast I had to focus on my swimming all small details in my racing where complete off as my technique along with building endurance and speed. But we where really short in time 5 months.

Option 2 where to forget about world championships and just practice towards the qualifying meets during spring 2015.

Our decision was since I anyway had to build the swimming again. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to do it fast if you have a time limit because then you need to be ready at a certain point. Of course I had to build a lot of muscles back but we had to make sure my swimming was good first.

The result in world championships in Doha I swum faster than ever on 100m. New personal best time and Swedish record and just 0.1 seconds from both PB and Swedish record on the 50m. But with two semifinals I was really happy and eager for the next competition the week after in Amsterdam. This competition where in long course and was the first chance too qualify for Sweden towards World Long Course Championships. The standard times were really though 27,58 and 1:00,44. The results was okay but not superb. 27,8 and 1:01,2. We knew 50 was going to be the easier one since my PB is 27,16 on 50m and 1:00,83 on 100m. But after our analyze we agreed that my maximum speed is too slow because I was lacking too much power. My weight at that time was 92kg compared to 100kg when I were in Barcelona. Big difference. So we decided that I needed to build muscles and fast because we where already in December. The first chance to qualify where in the beginning of March 4 months later and I had to build 8kg of usable muscles. Gym 5 times a week with 8 different exercises per session 3×14 repetitions at least on every exercise made it possible in Mars I was weighted in at 99kg. The only problems was I added 7kg of muscles that I were un able to use. I had no problem how so ever to do the correct movements but I just couldn’t do them fast! And that resulted that I always where 0.2s off from the qualifying standard. In the same period due to personal reasons my coach decided that he was going to quit after the Long course nationals summer 2015. This was a mental disaster in many ways because I had seen my self training at home with a good coach and superb support of my family, my club and but also the whole community in Sundsvall and now I had to complete reset everything, probably move some where else and change the plan that I’ve had for 5 years. And the worst thing were that I was forced to do it. This made it really hard to focus on my swimming, on my goals but also on school because the stress to make the high standards, the stress of not knowing what happens next season and the fact that it was Olympic season next up did not make it any better.

As late as in late July everything was organized for a period in Austria with the new coach Dirk Lange. And since that we have been working on getting back to the fitness I lost during the hard time I had. We have worked on speed, endurance, details and fitness. In our short course nationals in early november even though I didn’t taper 100% I still were close to my personal best times which made me very happy. The fact that I didn’t qualify for the european championships just didn’t matter much because I was just so happy to compete at a high level again.

Now I’m really happy with the result because it’s so much fun to always have good sparring in practice and it feels so good to still have the support by my club, my federation, Swedish Olympic Committee and of course my family. Because of them I’ve been given the chance to make this journey. And the goals?

  • Swim very fast in Olympics next year.
  • Make a lot of friends
  • Learn German language

Next up is my first long course competition since I moved down here.
Wish me luck!

Watch the Reportage on this link below.
Demontränare ska få fart på Skagius



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