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First week in training camp Belek is almost done. After tomorrows morning practice we are almost done for the week except this running session. More about that later.

This week we had three main sessions with main sessions I mean three sessions that are supposed to be done with high quality in speed, technical but also endurance and lactate. The first of the main sessions was Tuesday evening and because we are in a volume period it was specified more towards 200meters events. The main set of this practice were

3 laps of ( 4 laps of ( 100m breaststroke/freestyle + 3*50 1-3) 200 easy)
the third 50 of each lap is supposed to be the fastest one.

Second main session was Thursday evening with

3 laps of (4 laps of (50m, 100m, 50m) 200 easy) the four laps was supposed to be 1-4 last one the fastest one but still first lap from 75% of maximum.

The third main session will be tomorrow which is

x*50 start 2:30 from block as many as possible under a certain time.

When I look in to these sets I can see first set was laps of 250m 12 rounds which equals to 3000m.
The second set was 12 rounds of 200m which of course equals to 2400. These to sessions is more about endurance for last 50m in a 100m race or 200m swimming. But the third set is actually more about a first 50m in a 100m race, because 50m at almost 100m means you need to find a fast swimming but with also save some energy for the next fifties! I really recommend this set if you are aiming towards 100m or 200m events.


Running as a swimmer?

Is running as a swimmer good for you? Good question which is hard to answer. This is my idea. Running as a swimmer can be good for your endurance or actually good for your heart rate. Because there is actually one reflex printed in your brain that as soon as your face is under water. Your heartbeat will decrease pretty significantly I’ve actually tested this with a heartbeat monitor and my heartbeat decreased with about 20 beats per minut after a few seconds. Which means it might be easier to get higher heartbeat when running than swimming. But in the other hand running is a lot of leg work mostly in a direction which swimmers only can take full advantage of in to scenarios start and push off. Which means if we build to much running muscles it might the weight of the muscles and the oxygen they require might be more negative than the positive effect we get from running. But either the way I believe with different set ups the positive effect can outnumber the negative especially if make a running sessions which has clear advantages for your event.

In startup season it’s mostly about getting fit and a high athletic fitness standard so in the beginning of the season we are doing a lot of endurance and intervalls. For example endurance is usually for us sprinters 20min running at a comfortable speed and intervalls is usually similar to 6 rounds of 100m easy jogging, 100m of 95%, 100m of 100% and 100m of walking.
But the further we go in to the season the running session becomes shorter and shorter and more like this set.
6*75m (25m easy jogging, 25m at 90%, 25m at full speed)
4*20m full speed.
The distance swimmers do usually longer intervalls at this point but usually before something extra can be 100m intervalls but the focus even for them is mostly explosiveness at this point as I understand it.

This is my belief and if you have any comments our wants to discuss more please write a comment and I’ll reply as soon as possible!




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