Last hard session done for this camp.

During this camp to this point we have swum 112 000meters. Not super far for being in a swim camp but! With those meters we have done 12*200 broken, 60*50 with decreasing stand off, 12*300 broken,  18000m of high intensity aerobic swimming, 12 hours of gym and 2 tests. But the question I often ask my self is ”Why is it necessary for a sprinter to do session of 6k, with a lot of aerobic swimming, why I’m doing hundreds of hundreds of meter freestyle with moderate heartbeat, low level of lactate when I’m competing for 60 seconds with more or less full speed with lactate up to my ears! Do I really get something out of this training?”

Finding an answer to this question can be tricky because there are so many variables that take place in a race mentally conditions, muscular conditions, facility, racing partners and yes the list goes on. So why am I doing these laps that might not help me at all in the race. The reason I’m building this aerobic capability is to be able to practice though sprint session 4-5 times in a week and I have to recover fully between these session but also in these practices I have to be able to swim up to 40s at 95% and be able to recover fast for another 40s with same quality. I believe aerobic swimming is not necessary for a 100m swim race and according to the Swedish Olympic committee it takes up to 4 minutes of moderate work to get the full aerobic capacity running. When we measure maximal oxygen intake we are usually doing 400 freestyle with only the last 50m or 100m all out.

Therefore I believe that sprint swimmers yes they need a good aerobic base but mostly to be able to practice sprint and recover fast between the sprint sessions.

Tomorrow start practice and analyzes on the schedule.

If you agree or disagree please comment down below and maybe we can learn from each other.


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