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I always want to greet ”good morning”, ”good afternoon”, ”good bye” and so on even thought I don’t know the person I’m greeting. At first when I greeted this group they looked strange and surprised at me for greeting them. But I decided to continue greet anyway and after a few days they started to greet back and after a few days more they also smiled while they were greeting back.

It’s quite funny because sometimes when I meet new swimmer from the world I believe that they are very different from me since we are born in two different parts of the world. But in the end even though this group clearly were not used to greetings I believed they too enjoyed it in the end. A lot of times I’ve experience that I’m ”fördomsfull” that the humans I’m meeting might be really different from me in different ways like acting, talking, values and in general different. But always in the end of the day I’ve learned that these swimmers are not so different from me the only two thing that might be bigger difference is our dialect and how we look. 

This is one of the privileges of being a swimmer and an athlete you get to learn so much about other cultures, languages, different food, politics systems and humans in general and of course I get to talk me proud of our Swedish culture, our Swedish nature, our Swedish stars/companies and our Swedish style of doing things.

Today I’m flying home first up is my home club Sundsvalls simsällskaps competition and then for four days national team camp. Today one of the two of the Chinese groups that visited us is traveling home as well. I must say these Chinese swimmers are pretty impressive for those who knows swimming times read this!

10*200m start time 2:30 with heartbeat 130-160 time 2:05 average

10*100 start time 2:45 best average 1:06-1:08 for boys

Same set as above  1:10-1:12 girls with the fastest one on 1:09! 

Now I’m telling you this is long course from push not from the dive!

Tomorrow I’m entering 100m breaststroke and 50, 100fly the later two is just for fun and for getting used to some racing lactate. The last weeks training has been focusing on speed and speed endurance next week we will be focusing on the pure swimming speed. After some good times this week and according to plan I’m very excited and looking forward to this competition, the tests but mostly the upcoming sessions this week! 


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