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Graz Auts Trophy marks the end of my first micro cycle for this year. For a summarize before jumping in to more detailed analysis I’m happy with this cycle finishing up in 4 races on 1:01 high 4 races in 28,00 and under which make me realize that I’m finally back on track again. This Micro cycle started in mid December with 3 weeks of building, a good 7 weeks of heavy aerobic training, a period of 6 weeks with a more anaerobic focus with the last 4 weeks including 4 competitions.

The first period contained a lot of athletic base in order to train hard and train good hard we believe that a good allround athletic background is required. In this period training was about variations like run sessions, crossfit, gym, increasing amount of swimming, body weight gym. This period stretched from week 50-52.

The second period was about aerobic base with sets like 12*200 broken in different variations, 60*50 with decreasing start time, X times 50 from block with lowering start time. This period stretched from week 51 of 2015 until week number 7 of 2016.
For those of you who haven’t heard about aerobic and anaerobic training.
Aerobic training is when you are training in longer time period without getting to much lactic acids in your muscles usually we say between 120-160 in hearbeating rate.
Anaerobic training in the other hand is when you have a higher heartbeating rate usually above 160 in shorter time periods with the intention of getting high levels of lactic acids in your body.

The third period is the race pace and racing period when we try to combine the gym in the first period with aerobic base in the second and adding speed and explosive work in the third to get a good racing speed.

So what are the results? 
In Marseille (weekend week 9) my results were 1:04,0 in the 100m breaststroke and 28,4 in the 50m.
One week later (weekend week 10) the results were 1:05,0 in the 100m and 28,9 in the 50m.
Two weeks later (mid week 13) 1:01,7 and 27,9.
One week later (weekend week 14) 1:01,9 and 27,8.

Conclusion we underestimated the time I needed in race pace to get the speed back after the earlier weeks with aerobic base and athletic fitness but I still needed those weeks of training so we would have planned like this even if we knew I would be slow the first two competitions. So far the last two competitions is times that are faster than I ever done in preseason which I’m happy with but then again there are some details than still need to get in to place before I’m really happy. There is a lot for me to work on but for me what I’m most happy with is that I feel like I’m developing again and getting better and better to perform at competition and in training again.

Future Now starts the next micro cycle towards European Championship and the famous Mare Nostrum series and hopefully Olympics in Rio as well.

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